“Progress on the Horizon”

Former Biden economic advisor Brian Deese claims us ordinary Americans are skeptical about the economy because we’re too stupid to see what’s before our eyes and draining our wallets. After all,

the president’s low approval numbers on the economy likely come from Americans feeling wary about accepting “progress on the horizon.”

Progress. We’re only just recovering the millions of jobs lost during the Wuhan Virus Situation, a slow recovery that President Joe Biden (D) and his cronies (Deese is just one of them) claim has been one of job creation.

Progress. Inflation remains higher than it was before Biden took office. Inflation is down from its peak a year-and-a-half ago, but it’s starting back up.

Progress. Prices for our goods and services are not coming down; they’re 16%, or more, higher than at the start of Biden’s term in office, and they’re continuing to rise as a result of that continued higher inflation. Food and energy, in particular, remain much costlier to us consumers than before Biden took office.

Deese is just insulting our intelligence with the nonsense he’s spouting.

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