You Must Accede to Us

That’s the message the People’s Republic of China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Qin Gang, has given to Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a phone call with Blinken prior to Blinken’s upcoming hat-in-hand trip to the PRC. Qin instructed Blinken,

The relationship between China and the US has encountered new difficulties and challenges since the beginning of the year. It’s clear where the responsibility lies.

Qin went on, paraphrased by The Wall Street Journal:

Qin called on the US to stop using competition as a pretext for damaging China’s sovereignty and security, according to the Chinese readout. He also urged the US to take steps to implement a plan to manage differences and stabilize ties….

The PRC bears no responsibility for the tensions it’s generating. It’s entirely on us to quiet down and to quiet the tensions.

This demand for American acquiescence to everything PRC—for American surrender—coupled with the PRC’s Minister of National Defense Li Shangfu casually ignoring Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s repeated pleas to meet with him, even to simply talk to him, is what the Biden administration’s timidity has brought us to.

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