It’s Time to Move Away…

…from any reliance on Germany as a weapons supplier to allies. Or as an ally.

Germany is continuing to stonewall sending serious weapons to Ukraine and is openly blocking its fellow NATO members from sending those weapons they bought from Germany to Ukraine.

Germany won’t allow Poland and other allies to give those tanks [Leopard tanks that Germany sold Poland and so many others] until Washington agrees to provide Ukraine with a US-made equivalent, specifically M1 Abrams, aides to Mr Scholz said.

This is Scholz still terrified of Vladimir Putin looking angrily at him. It’s time for the rest of us to move on from the German arms industry. German weapons, no matter how good they might seem on the training grounds, are worthless if they cannot be passed on to those who need them in war. It’s time to move on from Germany as an ally. Skilled, industrious, and technologically and economically advanced as they are, they’re of no use in an alliance when those factors are not available to the rest of us, or to a nation fighting for its very existence on the German border.

Japan has a very excellent and skilled work force with a modern industrial base that can be plussed up to produce and sell modern, capable weapons systems for itself and allies and for nations like Ukraine and the Republic of China.

The Republic of Korea has a similarly excellent work force and modern industrial base. It also can ramp up and produce and sell modern, capable weapons systems. It’s also fully capable of developing its own nuclear weapons systems, and it’s starting to think seriously about that in light of Baby Kim’s rhetoric and weapons testing.

The Republic of China has an even greater technological capability to go with its own highly capable industrial capability.

Closer to the current front, Great Britain has extant the industrial and technological base and already is offering alternatives to the German Leopard to Ukraine.

Poland has an industrial base and labor force on which to build easily.

Any of the Baltic States have the technological chops to meld with Poland’s industrial production.

American arms are very good, but they’re overpriced—see the F-35 and F-22, especially vs the newly developing F-15EX. They’re also very fragile, with excessively extensive maintenance tails—see the M1 Abrams tank.

Germany can’t be taken seriously as an arms supplier or an ally, and it can’t be taken seriously under any guise vis-à-vis Russia (or the People’s Republic of China, come to that). It’s time to walk away from them.

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