Some European Questions

In a Wall Street Journal article centered on the supposed unity of Europe against Russian President Putin and Europe’s dependency on the US in countering Putin, there were these questions the men and women of Europe’s governments have—especially in the face of Progressive-Democratic President Joe Biden’s waffling on military and economic aid to Ukraine and his slow-walking that military aid.

  1. How much firepower should Ukraine receive in its quest to retake occupied territory from Russia’s invasion forces?
  2. How much Western weaponry would risk an uncontrolled escalation of the war?
  3. And what sort of compromises should Ukraine contemplate if it can’t drive Russian troops off its land entirely?

As might be expected, I have answers.

  1. All that the Ukrainian military needs, of the type they say they need (most assuredly not the type the Know Betters of the Pentagon say they need), and as fast as they can absorb it.
  2. Quit worrying about it. The barbarian’s conventional forces are in no position to escalate—or widen—anything, and even the barbarian chieftain understands that going nuclear, even if only tactical, will bring about the destruction of Russia and more importantly to the chieftain, his personal destruction.
  3. See 1 above. Zelenskyy has been quite clear about this, the pretended confusion of the Western press notwithstanding. The barbarian’s departure from Ukraine is a prerequisite to peace negotiation.

Concerning that last, I’ve written before that border negotiations must begin with, and the only border-related compromise permissible is, how far back from the Ukraine border Russian roads and railroads must be torn up and the terrain (re)sown with Russian olive trees.

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