“New Dems are ready to deliver”

That’s what Congressman Scott Peters (D, CA) claims in his Thursday Fox News op-ed. But deliver on what? And deliver how?

Last year, our country was still recovering from the twin COVID-19 economic and public health crises.

Our economy had been recovering—burgeoning—from the Wuhan Virus’ (and Government’s reaction to it) impact on it since 2020 late summer, and we’d been recovering from the Wuhan Virus situation itself since roughly the same time frame as palliatives and treatment techniques were developed, and then as two vaccines aimed specifically at the virus were developed and approved for emergency use.

Last year—2021, the first year of the Progressive-Democratic Party’s control of both houses of Congress and of the White House—saw exploding regulation, overt shutdown of oil pipelines and of oil and natural gas drilling on Federal lands, and resulting historically high inflation, from which we’re still not even beginning to recover.

The Biden administration and Congress have taken steps to address inflation by improving our supply chains; releasing millions of barrels of oil from our strategic reserves; and rebuilding our roads, ports, and bridges.

In what way, exactly, have our supply chains been improved? We still have freight ships backed up at our ports, we’re still dependent on enemy nations like the People’s Republic of China for raw materials (rare earths and lithium, both raw and processed, to suggest just two), solar panels and panel components, a variety of types of computer chips, oil from OPEC (and potentially Iran and Venezuela), and on and on.

Releasing oil from our strategic reserves? That’s been tried three times now, by the Biden administration, and each has produced only a price drop of a couple of pennies that lasted only a couple of days—and what will Biden release when the reserves are expended? Furthermore, at what cost have these reserves been released? The Trump administration filled the reserves at the cost equivalent of $1.50-$2.00 per gallon of gasoline. Today’s cost is above $5.50/gallon (and rising). And Biden still refuses to allow oil (and natural gas) pipelines to be built and still is slow-walking leases (while canceling some) for oil and natural gas exploration and slow-walking permits actually to drill.

Rebuilding our roads…? How many projects have been started from that infrastructure bill enacted a year ago?

But we can’t stop here, and we won’t.

You need to, or you will be stopped. What you’re doing is destructive of our economy.

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