Nobody Disputes That

The subheadline lays it all out in the open:

Pyongyang, chairing a United Nations disarmament body this month, says it has a right to defend itself

There’s no disagreement here.

But what Baby Kim needs to understand—what the West (and his allies, the People’s Republic of China and Russia) need to make clear to him—is that northern Korea has absolutely nothing of value, or even of interest, that can’t be gotten far more cheaply through trade than through conquering and taking.

And that even that value is non-existent at present, given the disastrous and murderous mismanagement inflicted by the Kim dynasty over the last nearly 80 years.

That mismanagement, though, lies at the heart of the Kim dynasty’s, and especially Baby Kim’s, constant push for more weapons and weapons development. He needs the distraction of a manufactured threat from without in order to maintain his hold on the population. So long as that need exists, Baby Kim needs no understanding of values.

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