He Could Have Said This…

President Joe Biden (D) says he’ll send four—count ’em—four High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems equipped with medium range rockets to Ukraine. It’ll take about three weeks to get into Ukrainian hands for operational use. There’s no word on how many actual rockets will be shipped along with the systems, not even a rough ballpark estimate. Only this:

The Pentagon would not say how many rockets it will provide to Ukraine, only that it is sending four of the truck-mounted HIMARS systems. The trucks each carry a container with six precision-guided rockets, which can travel about 45 miles[.]

Such largesse by the Progressive-Democrat President. Russia’s Smerch system, their own multiple launch rocket system, carries a dozen rockets per load and ranges 56 miles.

Even so, Biden could have said from the start that he was sending this token to Ukraine and without all the prattle about what he was not going to send.

The question remains, too: how many more Ukrainians must die, how many more Ukrainian women raped and children butchered by the barbarian while Biden dithers before any more arms shipments?

And why the concern about Ukraine striking into Russia to hit supply depots, troop gatherings, transportation routes from those into Ukraine, or any other targets the Ukraine government deems useful to its fight for national survival? Why should Russia be a sanctuary, protected against counterattack in this war that Russia started and still is prosecuting?

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