Logistics and Transfers

A retired USAF Captain, in his Letter in Sunday’s Wall Street Journal, laid out a long list of logistical impediments to Poland transferring “up to” 28 of its MiG-29s to Ukraine for the latter’s defense against the invading Russian barbarians.

The 35-year-old Soviet aircraft will need a staging area, a quality fuel supply, Ukrainian-compatible communications, compatible ordinance hard mounts and supporting electronics, spares for battle damage and routine mechanical failures, forward air controllers, IFF (identify friend or foe) interrogation, electronic warfare to combat surface-to-air missiles, and a secure radar and GPS to get around and defeat jamming efforts. The Ukrainian pilots already qualified on the NATO Fulcrum MiG-29 will also need differences training….

That is indeed a valid set of impediments to transferring Poland’s MiGs to Ukraine. But those impediments are surmountable.

The political impediments—Biden’s backing away from Putin’s blandishments—are not valid. Sadly for Ukraine’s welfare, they’re also not surmountable until Biden is removed from the White House, and that won’t come until far more Ukrainians are butchered by the barbarian invaders.

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