A Party’s Legacy

David Marcus had a piece in Thursday’s Fox News regarding the Progressive-Democratic Party’s (Marcus still calls Party by its legacy name, Democratic Party) move as far Left as it has gone.  He posited two reasons for Party’s behavior.

The first is that by focusing their energy on the nation’s big cities, progressive Democrats can gain cultural power. While radical agendas on welfare, gender, and education, to name a few, may play better in New York and Los Angeles than in the heartland, it is reasonable to believe that controlling politics in urban centers will influence television, movies and news in ways that will eventually spread, especially to younger voters.


[A] second reason may be that the far left sees more benefit than harm in a shellacking for their party in the midterms. After all, the Democrats who will be swept out of office are not the progressives, but the moderates. By losing this election, the former can gain institutional power in the party, possibly for a generation.

There’s a third explanation, too, that’s corroborated by the Progressive-Democrats’ behavior with Obamacare. This third reason also dovetails nicely with Marcus’ second reason. Since the last election, Progressive-Democrats have had control of both houses of Congress and the White House. With that, even with the slimness of their control, they’ve decided to go for it all and get their far Left (relative to the American political spectrum but center Left relative to Party) transformational, fundamentally socialist agenda enacted. They know that if they can get it rammed through, their policies won’t be repealed, even if they’re badly whipped in the next election. Just as with Obamacare.

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