Biden’s Protection

President Joe Biden (D) is the subject of some low key, small chit-chat of removal by Article 25 action.

That’s unlikely, and it’s not the existence of Kamala Harris (D) as Vice President that is Biden’s job security. No, it’s the position of Vice President and that office’s role that is Biden’s job security.

If Biden is removed, and Harris sworn in as our new President, who will be the new Vice President?

I suggest no one. The new Vice President would need to go through the nomination and Senate confirmation process. There’ll be a tie vote in the Senate on that nominee, and with no sitting Vice President to break the tie, the confirmation will fail.

It goes on from there. Nearly every component of the Progressive-Democratic Party agenda so far has been subject to a tie-breaker vote by the Vice President, and that will continue for the rest of Party’s agenda. Absent a sitting Vice President, every bill offered up in the Senate and receiving a tied vote will fail on that tie.

For good or ill, Biden will not be removed from office by political action before 2024.

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