That’ll Show Them

With the US leaving Afghanistan and the Taliban moving into the vacuum left by our departure—a vacuum deepened by the lack of interest in the Afghan army, so reminiscent of the Iraqi army in the face of the Daesh, in actually fighting to defend their nation—the Biden administration has developed its answer to stop the terrorists’ advance.

A US peace envoy was back in the Middle East on Tuesday to warn the Taliban not to pursue a military victory on the ground and deliver a blunt message: a Taliban government that comes to power through force in Afghanistan will not be recognized.

That’ll show ’em. A recognition of which the Taliban has no interest will not be forthcoming. Powerful stuff. Truly firm words. The Taliban leadership is quaking in their collective sandals. Quaking with laughter.

Laughing stock déjà vu.

Update: I wrote this last Tuesday. It’s Thursday, now, and the Taliban has captured their 10th Afghan provincial capital. That’s the contempt they have for President Joe Biden’s (D) empty blather.

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