The PRC’s Plan for Conquering the RoC?

The People’s Republic of China has released the outline of its strategy for overrunning and conquering the Republic of China.

The Chinese state media released Beijing’s supposed plan of invading Taiwan….
The first step would be a sudden attack of Taiwanese military bases, followed by the second step of cruise-missile strikes on infrastructure. The third step was described as a bombardment of Taiwan by Chinese warships.

That willingness to destroy the RoC’s productivity, its economy, and that generalized bombing, which maximizes collateral damage and civilian casualties demonstrates the PRC’s lack of interest in gaining economic and technological advances, only in gaining territory and enslaving survivors.

This is what President Joe Biden’s (D) timidity globally and vis-à-vis the PRC particularly is producing. That weakness is potentiated by Biden’s emasculation of our own defense establishment, putting critical race nonsense, with its divisiveness and racism, ahead of combat and combat support strengthening.

At this point, fundamentally pacifist Japan is showing more courage, more willingness to fight to defend an ally than is the Biden administration. Japan’s State Minister of Defense Yasuhide Nakayama:

This mean[s] they are trying to surround all the Taiwan islands. … How do we solve this issue? One thing that we can do is we have to show deterrence towards China.

Amen, and pass the ammunition.

2 thoughts on “The PRC’s Plan for Conquering the RoC?

  1. I don’t buy it – this is propaganda, part of their gray zone tactics to conquer without (serious) bloodshed or damage. The PRC’s electronics industries still depend – heavily – on chips made in the ROC. They can’t afford to damage the goose laying those golden eggs. Not yet. And especially when they have the goose with mere words and bullying.

    • 1) You’re assuming Xi and his CPC have the same value set we have.
      2) It’s easy enough to not bomb the chip factories while being at pains to eradicate the rest of the Republic of China’s economy.
      3) Eliminating, accidentally or deliberately, the RoC’s chip production ability is only a short-term blip. The RoC is dependent on the PRC’s–on Xi’s–rare earth metals and other resources in order to produce those chips. Xi is playing a long game, one in which absent the RoC’s chip competition (and ours), he can build the PRC’s chip production capacity at his leisure. And command tech help from a compliant EU and a timid US.
      Eric Hines

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