A Terrific Opening

Congressman Kevin Brady (R, TX), Ranking Member of the House Ways and Means Committee, wants the Biden administration to (re)open international trade.

I continue to urge Ambassador Tai…and President Biden, to pursue new agreements, opening markets in the UK and Europe, an expanded comprehensive agreement with Japan.

Then-President Donald Trump (R) offered the European Union and the G-7 a completely no-tariff trade regime. There would be no greater opening of trade than for the EU and the other members of the G-7, which includes Japan in particular, along with USMCA member Canada (whose agreement would either necessitate modifications to the USMCA or terms outside that treaty); EU constituents France, Germany, and Italy; and the UK, to agree such a tariff-free regime.

If there’s to be a serious opening, that’s as much on those nations as it is on President Joe Biden (D). Both sides need to stop dragging their feet.

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