Us Neanderthals are Winning

At least against the Wuhan Virus, especially as compared with States that are our Betters.

Recall that that most renowned and eminent epidemiologist, Doctor President Joseph Robinette Biden (D), pronounced Texas and Florida to be Neanderthals when those States opened up economically, or refused from the jump to “properly” close down, despite the pronounced demands of the Doctor’s and his predecessor’s minions.

According to my second grade arithmetic and Monday last Johns Hopkins University data, Florida and Texas had a combined 63,103 new cases, or roughly 0.0012 new cases per capita.

Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan, all Progressive-Democrat-run and all Lockdown States, had 97,350 new cases, or roughly 0.0023 new cases per capita—twice the rate of those Neanderthalers.

Maybe it’s a case of Denisovans calling names.

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