We Got What They Asked For

A letter writer in Sunday’s Wall Street Journal‘s Letters noted that

In the 2020 election, the US Chamber of Commerce backed 23 incumbent House Democrats, 15 of whom won. Six of the 15 won narrowly, by 3.3% or less. Without those six seats, Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t be speaker. The chamber helped hand her the gavel.
The consequences were predictable. House Democrats have passed the PRO Act, ““a labor-rights bill that would roll back many of the policies the chamber has supported for decades” (U.S. News, March 13). Without any Republican support, House Democrats passed HR1, the misnamed For the People Act, which the chamber “strongly opposes.”

The letter writer listed many of the upcoming Progressive-Democrat-run House plans, too.

He identified another organization he generously said was “duped.”

…Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden, whose leaders “feel used and betrayed” because the Covid relief package excluded the Hyde Amendment, which prevents taxpayer funding of abortions.

He concluded with

These two organizations duped themselves and sabotaged their own cause.

To which I say my heart bleeds.

It’s hard to believe that as erudite a collection of personnel as those running the US Chamber of Commerce and Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden didn’t know what they were getting when they supported those Progressive-Democrats. Of course, as responsible leaders of large organizations, they carefully vetted each of those candidates and their opponents. They knew what they were asking for.

They got it, good and hard.

And, sadly, so did the rest of us get those worthies’ choices good and hard.

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