Imagine That

Sometimes, a Federal stimulus isn’t necessary. Sometimes, a recovery is already in progress before Congress can get around to acting, even with the basely partisan Progressive-Democrat-controlled Congress and a Progressive-Democrat White House.

Like with the present “stimulus” bill, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

See the figure just below.

Of the top 10 performing States by overall recovery and tax revenue increases for 2020 over 2021, seven are Republican run, and one—Vermont—is split, with a Republican Governor and a Progressive-Democrat Legislature.

Of all of the 24 States with increases, Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina 12 are Republican-run, 2 are split with Republican Governors and Progressive-Democrat Legislatures, and 3 are split with Progressive-Democrat Governors and Republican Legislatures.

This is another demonstration that the Wuhan Virus “relief” bill—ARP—that the Progressive-Democrats rammed through Congress on strictly partisan lines is just another Blue State Bailout. Progressive-Democrats are masquerading their bill as necessary to bring our economy fully out of the downturn Federal and State governments created in their responses to the Wuhan Virus situation.

Never mind that the recovery is in full bloom already, and will stay that way until the Biden administration’s exploding regulation-writing and energy industry limitations start taking effect.

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