Stimulus Checks

Brittany De Lea wrote in FOXBusiness that $1,400 in checks for the next round of “stimulus” spending might not actually be necessary for all of us.

I agree with the point of the article—not all of us truly need the $1,400. However, the unspent money wouldn’t be wasted or lost to the private economy. The money must still go somewhere: ultimately, it will end up in a bank as savings or in a bank as debt payments.

Money put in a bank, for any reason, becomes loanable funds for the bank, and so makes its way back into the private economy. The only thing here is the time lag: the money won’t be a prompt economic boost.

That boost wouldn’t be necessary anyway, if government—at all levels—got out of the way and let businesses reopen and let us citizens go back to work and go back to spending/saving/paying down debt with our paychecks.

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