On-Line Sports Betting

That’s the venue, but the question is much larger.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) is moving to authorize mobile sports betting, by having his government conduct “competitive bidding” for government permission to host such.

State Senate Racing, Gaming, and Wagering Committee Chairman Joe Addabbo (D, Queens) said in an interview that

he was glad the Democratic governor had shifted away from his opposition to online betting but believed the state should enact a more expansive system.
“I am not a believer that one sportsbook provider, or operator, can handle the volume in New York[.]”

Both miss the larger problem. In a truly competitive process, private economy entrepreneurs would start their own mobile sports betting enterprises, and they would compete—on the basis of product quality and breadth of services—for the consumer’s dollar. They wouldn’t be forced to compete—on the basis of politics—for the government’s imprimatur.

This is another Progressive-Democrat-run government’s attempt to control businesses.

As Michael Corleone (almost) said, It’s not business. It’s strictly politics.

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