Alphabet’s Political Bias

made manifest once again, this time via YouTube, which is wholly owned by Google, which in turn is wholly owned by Alphabet.

During Joe Biden’s presidential nomination acceptance speech Thursday night, both his personal YouTube page and the Democratic Party’s YouTube page saw strong, negative reactions from live audiences. In fact, “Dislikes” outnumbered “Likes,” in real time.
Yet both pages’ “Dislikes” mysteriously dropped in the hours after the Democratic National Convention (DNC) had concluded.

Just The News cited carefully unnamed “experts” positing that

[t]he removed Dislikes could be a signal that YouTube is concerned about fake accounts or bots trying to influence the election or indicative of something else[.]

Of course. But with Alphabet’s history of political bias and censorship, the anonymous claim is hard to take seriously. It’s especially hard to take this claim seriously with Alphabet, through its Google, refusing to answer questions about the disappearances.

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