“We’re Losing Taxpayers When We Need Them Most”

That’s what Congressman Tom Suozzi (D, NY) said on the House floor, with an absolutely straight face, as he was attempting to add the Progressive-Democrats’ current move to protect their rich constituents: repeal of the $10,000 SALT cap, which limits the State and Local Taxes that can be deducted from Federal income taxes.

The SALT limit only hits the rich, and it only hits those in Progressive-Democrat-run jurisdictions.

We’re losing taxpayers when we need them most.

They’re not human beings, citizens who pay taxes. They’re taxpayers. In particular, they’re rich taxpayers who happen to be human beings, citizens. Progressive-Democrats don’t care a fig about their citizen-constituents, and they’re especially not really protective of their wealthiest citizen-constituents.

They just want their money.

There’s this bit of cynicism, too, from Suozzi:

The people who can’t afford to move or just don’t want to move are the ones left behind holding the bag.

But the bag they’re left holding is the Progressive-Democrats’ spendthrift ways and usurious tax schemes.

It’s inconceivable that these folks should adjust their tax rates and their spending so as to not send citizens packing.

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