Active Dependency

The Transportation Security Administration is looking into the prospects and processes for taking passenger temperatures among all of TSA’s actual security duties.

Airlines have been pushing for the Transportation Security Administration to start taking passengers’ temperatures as part of a multifaceted effort to keep potentially sick people from boarding planes and to make passengers feel more comfortable taking trips again.

Such a thing is supposedly to cost under $20 million, and it won’t cost passengers anything. Instead, all of us taxpayers will be paying for the passengers’…concerns. To the extent those exist; it is, after all, the airlines pushing, not pax.

There are better uses for the money, though. One would be simply to pass the bucks along to me, and I’ll undertake to not travel by air. That would net out to considerably less than the twenty mil, though, as I’d owe a heft tax bill, even after the 2017 tax cut.

Seriously though: nothing is keeping airlines from taking passenger temperatures themselves. The foolishness of this actively seeking dependency on government to do for us is getting old and tired.

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