“State Governments are Broke”

That’s New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s (D) claim as he pitched President Donald Trump for a Federal bailout of his State.

“You know the state governments are broke, to use a very blunt term. You know the state governments are now responsible for the reopening and the governors are going to do the reopening, and they have no funds to do it,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said….

No, no one “knows” that State governments are broke. They most assuredly are not. Not as long as they have taxing power, which they do.

Not as long as they have absolute control over their own spending, which they do.

Cuomo knows this full well. He’s just ducking away from having to make those hard decisions and ducking away from the fight with New York’s legislature as those politicians duck just as thoroughly from the same decisions.

All the politicians populating those governments need do is have the political will and the integrity to act on those authorities.

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