One-Upping Elizabeth

Who can be more socialist than the other?  Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders (I, VT) now has proposed

an annual wealth tax topping out at 8% for the richest Americans, offering the farthest-reaching Democratic plan to pay for expanded government programs and break up concentrated fortunes.

That’s much more than fellow Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D, MA) now paltry 2% wealth tax.

That’s on top of the race to give the most free stuff to the most people: who’s got the more extensive Housing-for-All plan, the broader Medicare-for-All plan, the more lucrative student debt forgiveness plan, Sanders’ plan to forgive all medical debt and parent debt taken in support of students (look for Warren to come up with plans for those soon), and on and on and on.

This sort of thing can only be done through government control or outright ownership of all property, and that’s at the core of socialism.

One-upping? No, it’s who can be the more socialist.

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