Comey’s “Righteousness”

The DoJ IG report on fired FBI Director James Comey’s…peccadillos has been out for a few days.  The Wall Street Journal‘s Editors have a good commentary on the report and on Comey.

IG Michael Horowitz didn’t think there was enough to support criminal charges, but the damage done by Comey in

treating his memos as personal documents rather than official FBI records, improperly storing them at home, failing to inform the bureau he had them, or leaking them to the press, Mr Comey ignored FBI and Justice protocols and broke his employment agreement[]

does seem to warrant considerable civil action against and sanction of the man who has so disgraced the FBI.

Indeed, a junior sailor had his career destroyed and his life heavily damaged over a simple photograph innocently/ignorantly taken in a wrong location.

Surely, Comey, who is no junior agent and who behaved with planned deliberateness and careful rule-breaking, can be required to forfeit his government pension.

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