A Dishonest Poll

It’s by that paragon of virtue, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, too.  Here are the cynically loaded questions.

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are teaming up to force their right-wing agenda on the country. Which issues are you most concerned about with Trump and McConnell in power? (Select all that apply)

Rolling back access to health care
Slashing Medicare and Social Security
Rolling back LGBTQ rights
Restricting women’s reproductive rights
Escalating war and manufacturing crisis
Destroying our environment


Mitch McConnell pushed the GOP’s $1.5 TRILLION tax scam and continues to attack access to affordable health care. Are you concerned Mitch McConnell would rather push the agenda of the top 1% and special interest big corporations than do what’s right for everyday Americans?


Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election has led to dozens of indictments, guilty pleas and guilty verdicts by top Trump advisers. Despite this, Mitch McConnell and Republicans won’t commit to releasing the full report of Mueller’s findings. How important is it to you that the complete Mueller report be released to the public?

Extremely important
Very important
Somewhat important
Not very important


If we’re going to take back the Senate in 2020, we’re going to need your help. Is it important to you that we do everything we can to elect strong Democratic leaders in the Senate who will stand up to McConnell, Trump and the GOP’s far-right agenda?

Yes, it’s important that we fight back!
No, everything is fine as is.


We can’t stop Mitch McConnell and his cronies in Congress unless people like you step up and contribute to help us win. We’ve set a goal to raise $6,000 by 11:59 p.m. tonight, but we’re on track to fall just short of that goal. Can you rush $5 or more right now to stop Mitch McConnell and make sure Democrats take back the Senate?

Yes, I’ll give $5!
Yes, and I can give more!

And the next question took me directly to their funds collections page.

Nothing like loaded questions designed, not to assess voter positions so as to improve their messaging, but solely to sucker their victims into giving money with questions carefully constructed to stampede the herd into the vaults.

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