Cable News Strikes Again

MSNBC has illustrated why so much of the Left’s news outlets on cable have so little credibility.

This time, the outlet is complaining about President Donald Trump’s alleged interference in Israeli politics by supporting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection—openly, rather than secretly and with illegal means as Russian President Vladimir Putin has done in our elections.

Here’s Chris Matthews:

American presidents from both of our parties have abstained from getting involved in Israeli politics, opting instead of playing two roles; friend of Israel but also a regional honest broker. But not this time. President Trump broke with his predecessors, taking a number of steps to help insure that his friend Bibi Netanyahu was victorious today.


Always, our president from Eisenhower—from all the way up to W, although some lean towards Israel, some leaned against them a little bit…they’ve always played this other role as honest broker in the region so they can bring peace and play a bigger global role than just being buddies with Israel.

It’s certainly true that Trump supports his friend Netanyahu.  It’s certainly true, though, that not always have our Presidents abstained from getting involved in Israeli politics—by supporting a friend in word and encouragement.

Ex-President Barack Obama (D) had his State Department transfer taxpayer money to OneVoice, to oppose Netanyahu in an earlier election.  This goes far beyond mere words of encouragement.

Matthews knows this full well; he’s illustrated why the NLMSM can’t have nice things.

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