The Party of…Something

The editors of the Wall Street Journal warned us last Sunday to be heads up: the Progressive-Democrats are not going to let this Kavanaugh thing go, even now that the confirmation is done.  Shamefully, neither are they going to let Dr Christine Blasey Ford go.

The Minority Leader made clear that Democrats are going to use accuser Christine Blasey Ford as a campaign prop from here to November and beyond.

Schumer, Feinstein, Hirono, Gillibrand, Durbin, Spartacus—all of these, and each of them, have abused Dr Ford nearly as badly as did her unknown assailant all those decades ago.  So has nearly every member of the Progressive-Democrat Party up for reelection this cycle.

And they intend to go on abusing her.

Dr Ford isn’t an abused woman in these Progressive-Democrats’ eyes; she isn’t even a human being. She’s just an inanimate gear for the Progressive-Democrat vote creation machine. She has expressed her desire to go back to her private life and her anonymity; these Progressive-Democrats won’t even let her do that.

The Party is utterly despicable.

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