Income Equality

William Galston doesn’t think we have enough, and it’s the successful one’s fault.

[T]his [trade leaving nations generally better off] is small comfort to those who lose out, especially because the winners rarely compensate them commensurately.

Galston is operating from a blatantly false premise here.

He does have a couple of solutions to offer.

First, they [government] could significantly expand the earned-income tax credit to bolster the incomes of workers somewhat higher up the income ladder. Second, they could implement a broader program of wage subsidies that would raise the wages of lower- and middle-income earners toward a specified hourly target.

Never mind that, with a Progressive-Democratic Uncle Sugar government paying these wage fractions, employers will have no incentive to pay as high wages.

Why not just skip these middle steps, and provide a Universal Basic Income?

Oh, wait….

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