Who Are You Going to Believe?

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly personally told former “Apprentice” star Omarosa Manigault Newman that her White House employment had been terminated, despite her insistence to the contrary.

But disappointingly, “Fox News has learned” that Kelly terminated Omarosa in a face-to-face in the White House Situation Room where recording devices of any kind, including cameras, are banned.  However, Fox News “learned” this from the Associated Press, which only “learned” this, in turn, from two carefully unnamed sources—the AP chose not to identify them.

Meanwhile, the lady herself is saying she wasn’t fired, her departure was reasonably amicable—oh, and no, she didn’t make a scene as she was escorted off the premises, as the AP’s rumor also claims.

Here’s what else we know.  The Secret Service, which is responsible for this sort of thing among its many and varied duties, terminated Omarosa’s security clearances and other accesses when her employment ending was determined.  This is completely routine; it’s done with all employees whose employment comes to an end.  She was escorted off the premises, which also is routine; folks without clearances are required to be escorted when they’re in secured areas, and the White House most assuredly is that.  She’s being paid through January 20, even though she no longer works there?  That’s a fairly unusual severance package, but it’s not that unusual.

So: who are you going believe—rumors, some second hand, from deliberately unidentified sources (and so we have no way of knowing whether those sources even exist), or the statements of an on-the-record source, in this case the actual principal?

3 thoughts on “Who Are You Going to Believe?

    • Keeping her on through 20 Jan also is consistent with her previously announced goal of working there for a year and then moving on. Either one would be consistent with an amicable departure and inconsistent with a firing.
      Eric Hines

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