False Apology

UNLV Professor (or at least that’s her title) Tessa Winklemann is saying that the mass murder in Las Vegas last week was at least partially President Donald Trump’s fault.  UNLV has chosen to play down the slur.

While we respect academic freedom in the classroom and the right to free speech, we believe the comments were insensitive, especially given the series of events this week and the healing process that has begun in the community[.]

With this vapid, empty remark, UNLV has shown that it condones Winklemann’s behavior; school management is merely making a pro forma statement.

Far worse, though, is Winklemann’s later statement.

I regret that my comments caused more pain during this difficult time. Emotions were running high and I wish I would have been more thoughtful in how I directed the conversation.

Notice that: she expressed a bit of regret for the outcome of her misbehavior, but she offered not a syllable of apology for her misbehavior.

That’s dishonest.

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