Barbara Lee Wants Her Obamaphone

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D, CA) thinks it’s cold blooded to view an economy in terms of dollars and sense.  In particular, she thinks President Donald Trump is “heartless” for taking that perspective on an economic question.

When it comes to federal spending, one thing has become clear over the past month. Republicans and this heartless president, they think about budgets in terms of dollar signs and decimal points, but as I’ve said over and over again, budgets are moral documents. They put on paper the principles and the priorities of the nation[.]

No, what’s heartless is spending money we don’t have until we’re so broke as a nation we can’t help anyone.  The first ones to help cannot be government, anyway; no matter how hard government personnel try, no matter how good the intentions of government personnel, they can only be second onto the scene, sometimes tragically late.  The non-government, citizen response to Harvey and Irma demonstrate that to all willing to see.

No, what’s immoral is a government mandate to give “assistance” to Government-favored groups and to do so in Government-mandated ways.  There is no more moral economic system than a capitalist, free market system, where each party to an economic arrangement, because it’s a voluntary arrangement, comes away better off than he was before the agreement.

And this from Lee:

Regardless of who you are, no child should go hungry at night. These devastating cuts are just the tip of the iceberg.

Indeed, no child should grow hungry at night.  And in a free market economy, unburdened by excessive Government regulation, unburdened by excessive Government spending-driven crowding out, and so prosperous economy, there would be far fewer hungry children to begin with.  And by “heartlessly” cutting out the $200 billion worth of fraud, waste, and abuse from Government’s plethora of duplicative food and other “welfare” programs, those $200 billion would be available for spending on a variety of truly useful programs—like those much fewer hungry children, like hands up (not hand outs) to folks who need a hand up and don’t want the trap of hand outs.

No—Lee just wants her Obamaphone, because manna from Leftist heaven.

And this, from House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D, MD):

Although we are in the minority, let me remind you of what I said at the beginning, the Republicans have not passed a fiscal bill, a continuing resolution, an appropriations CR or omnibus without significant Democratic votes and, in some instances, not in every instance, with the majority of votes being cast for that bill being Democrat votes.  So we have a lot of leverage…and we intend to use it.

Here is the Progressive-Democratic Party’s promise of continued obstructionism.  So much for any useful outcome of the deal President Donald Trump struck with the Progressive-Democrats.

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