President Donald Trump is willing to talk to the Progressive-Democrats in Congress in order to achieve tax reform, and it might seem like a good idea.  In the present situation, though, it’s a waste of time.

As the Trump administration reached across the aisle on tax reform for the first time Wednesday, Democrats communicated some requests of their own regarding the tax overhaul. Those requests included a middle class tax cut and that the overall bill not be part of a reconciliation package….

Of course the Progressive-Democrats don’t want a tax reform to be part of a reconciliation bill.  That way they can hold true reform hostage to their Big Government demands.  This is just Lucy offering to hold the football for Charlie Brown so she can jerk it away at the last moment.

It’s a waste of time to try to deal with a party that, at least since then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D, NV) said he’d refuse to work with a President Mitt Romney, refuses to work with or cooperate with Republicans in Congress or the White House (vis., “revise Obamacare our way, or we won’t talk to you”).

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