Fair Share

Here, via AEIdeas, are some more data on the relative shares of income taxes members of various economic strata pay. 

The 1,400 citizens in the top one-thousandths of one per cent of income tax payers paid 30% more in taxes across the class than did the 70 million citizens in the bottom 50%.  Singling out the top 400 for special consideration, they paid 78% of the total that those in the lower half paid in aggregate.

It works out, too, to $35.6 million per Privileged One compared to $540 per Poor Downtrodden one.

It works out, too, to a tax rate of 23% for those top 400 vs 24% for those Privileged Ones vs 3.5% [sic] for the Poor Downtroddens.

But the Progressives and Democrats refuse to say what the fair share of the successful is—beyond “more.”

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