How the European Left Sees Us

Here’s how Gordon Repinski and Holger Stark see us, as they say in so many words in their Spiegel Online piece from last Friday.

On that evening [on which Republican Party Presidential candidate Donald Trump won the election and became President Elect Donald Trump], America experienced a revolution. The successful postwar Western model, rooted in mobility, enlightenment, and inclusion has been convulsed by this angry protest vote.

Because it couldn’t possibly be the case that the successful postwar Western model, rooted in mobility, enlightenment and inclusion has been rescued from the Progressive, cynically divisive identity politics, deliberately dependence-on-government-making Left of the President Barack Obama (D) administration.


It was a vote of no-confidence in globalized capitalism, an expression of America’s partition into liberal cities and backward rural areas.

Because it couldn’t possibly be a repudiation of too easily done and so too bad trade agreements and not at all a rejection of international trade.

Because rural Americans are just rubes, too stupid to keep up with their Betters of modern liberalism (read: Progressivism) in our cities.


The political system has experienced a delegitimization of democracy that makes it impossible to simply carry on as before. It is a delegitimization aimed primarily at the elite, Hillary Clinton first and foremost—a woman who represents this system more than any other politician.

Because elitism is a better form of democracy than actual democracy, and even a better form of democracy than American republican democracy.  Never mind that Hillary Clinton, as the exemplar of this elitist, corrupt (literally as well as metaphorically) elitism is the raison d’être for that rejection—explicitly to rescue republican democracy from that elitism.

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