The Iran Nuclear Weapons Agreement

…after a year.

Two days before the anniversary of the nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers, the Islamic Republic attempted to launch a new type of ballistic missile using North Korean technology, multiple intelligence officials tell Fox News.

That the launch failed is neither here nor there.  There are two far more important factors in play here, beyond the mish-mash of items in the Fox News piece.  One is the Iranian contempt for the agreement; for the Obama administration; and for Secretary of State John Kerry, who “negotiated” this agreement to allow Iran delayed access to nuclear weapons—a delay that Iran is studiously ignoring.

The other factor is that northern Korean technology that Iran is using in its new type of missile.  So much for the Obama administration’s lip service to stopping the northern Koreans from spreading nuclear weapons technology (although, in truth, this is a long-standing lip service failure; Obama is only the latest of the serial lip servers).

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