EU, Great Britain, and Taxes

Some…suggestions…from continental leaders regarding Great Britain’s departure from the EU and the Exchequer’s suggestions of British corporate tax rate reductions, via The Wall Street Journal:

  • German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble: we can’t have a “race to the bottom, now can we?”

Why not, I ask—what are you so terrified might result from letting those who earned the money keep more of it?

  • Pierre Moscovici, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs: let’s not have any of this “exacerbated(?) fiscal competition between ourselves” nonsense.

I ask—why not?  What’s so terrible about competition, which spurs innovation, holds down costs for the citizenry, limits government power.  Oh, wait….

  • French Finance Minister Michel Sapin: “Whether you’re in the union or yo’’re out, we should all adopt a friendly attitude.” Or else.

So I ask—when are you going to adopt that friendly attitude, M Sapin?

Cut the taxes, guys.  If the continent want to run, screaming, away from the terror of competition, you’ll still have the Irish and the Icelanders with whom to play.  And a whole, wide world outside the European continent and its special snowflakes.

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