Clinton Doesn’t Like It

Republican Party Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s list of folks he’d like to see on the Supreme Court, that is.

Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman has released a scathing statement in response to likely rival Donald Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court picks.

John Podesta says Trump’s list of 11 Supreme Court candidates includes “no people of color, but does include a judge who upheld a law requiring doctors to use scare tactics to impede reproductive rights and another judge who equated homosexual sex to bestiality, pedophilia and necrophilia.”

I’ll ignore the naked distortions that only the Left can make.  Never mind, on the other hand, that skin color confers no special skill or aptitude—or even empathy.  If there are no blacks or Hispanics on the list, maybe it’s because there are too few who are qualified.  Which only means the Left needs to get out of the way of our children’s education so we can get more qualified.

In the end, if Clinton or any of her fellow Progressives and Socialists don’t like the list, it can’t be all bad.

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