Irrationality or Censorship?

Many of you have heard that George Mason University in Virginia is moving to rename its law school after the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.  This, of course, has Democrats, especially those in the Virginia legislature, up in arms.

Delegate Marcus Simon (D) has even gone this far in his objection:

This is a big, in-your-face kind of a move…and trying to shape their young minds and train them in the Scalia way of thinking.  That’s troubling to me.

Because teaching law students the importance of our Constitution to our legal system and to our society is troubling to this…Democrat.  Because teaching law students the importance of the text and origin of our Constitution is troubling to this…Democrat.

Because teaching students to think differently from the Left’s approved paradigm is troubling to this…Democrat.

How irrational can Democrats get in their censorship of thinking?

Elections have consequences.

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