Troops to Eastern Europe

Senior US military leaders have proposed sending more forces into Europe on a rotating basis to build up the American presence and are stepping up training exercises to counter potential Russian interference with troop transfers in the event of a crisis with Moscow.

In particular, the proposed moves are into eastern Europe to serve as a more blatant deterrent to Russian President Vladimir Putin. General Mark Milley, US Army Chief of Staff said over the weekend

Aggression left unanswered is likely to lead to more aggression[.]

This has been made manifest by our lack of response to seven years of growing aggression by a variety of our enemies—Russia, the PRC, in the Middle East.

Of course, such a thing takes time and money: basing and exercise agreements have to be reached with the host/receiving nations, the added rotations have to be budgeted and paid for, an administration has to find the will actually to face up to our enemies.

Two of those things, though, need to be gotten started on promptly. The third likely will have to wait on elections. In the meantime, the Russian clock is ticking.

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