Or hypocrisy, you pick ’em.

The House passed, with a significant majority (and so, on the whole, a bipartisan majority), a bill that would repeal the oil export ban that’s long outlived its usefulness, and especially so in the last several years.

I’ve already noted how the head Progressive, President Barack Obama, has threatened to veto this bill out of his own timidity.

Congresswoman Kathy Castor (D, FL) decried the bill during debate, saying this:

This bill is an unconscionable giveaway to Big Oil at the expense of American consumers[.]

Because lower energy costs, including lower gasoline costs, for American consumers from the increased global oil supply is such an unconscionable expense.

Castor either is hugely ignorant about basic high school economics or she’s breathtakingly hypocritical in demanding that oil supplies continue to be limited, so energy and gasoline prices can continue to be elevated, so Castor and her fellow Progressives in Congress can continue to maintain the dependency of their constituents through these Progressives’ welfare programs.

Lower energy costs means less need for welfare payouts, which mean less dependency on government, which means more freedom for an American to make his own choices. Progressives—Democrats—can’t have that.

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