Wrong Answer

Fox News‘ Megyn Kelly asked Senator and Presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R, TX) whether he would deport children born in the US of parents who are illegal aliens.

Cruz refused to answer the question, instead saying in non-answer that the question is

a distraction and a question that every mainstream, liberal journalist wants to ask.

Cruz said he’s focusing on areas where there is bipartisan agreement, and that’s why he’s laying out his plan for securing the border.

It’s an entirely rational question that every mainstream, conservative wants to ask, too.

What Cruz could have said, what he should have said, if he were being honest about his immigration plans is this:

Under current Supreme Court interpretations of the 14th Amendment, those children are US citizens, and regardless of their parents’ status, they’re here legally and properly. Of course they cannot be deported, and I will not try. What I will do is work toward removing [birthright] citizenship so that in the future such children do not become citizens automatically, and that magnet is removed. OR: …I will not work toward removing [birthright] citizenship, but I will do [this other thing instead] in order to secure our borders and enable our nation to regain control over who may become a US citizen.

That’s a simple, brief soundbite suitable for a short TV interview segment, it’s a more honest answer, and it’s a more accurate answer concerning current such children.

Of course Cruz knows this; draw your conclusions from the answer he actually gave compared with the answer he could have given.

One thought on “Wrong Answer

  1. What he should have said is “Of course not, we don’t deport citizens, if these kids parents prefer to have them in the foster care system that is up to them. If there is a grandparent or other relative who is legal and can care for those kids that would be fine too. Or of course they can always go home with their parents.”

    Sanctity of the family and all that

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