Oxen and Gorings

Howard Kurtz is upset about some (Republican) politicians pushing back on press foolishness. He spent much of his column at the link writing about Republican candidates objecting to the press’ hyping of manufactured problems (Rubio’s traffic tickets, Christie’s bridge problems, and so on) and decrying the candidates for spending so much time acting like their oxen were getting stabbed. Then Kurtz made this remarkable remark:

[A]t some point candidates have to figure out how to use the press to sell their message, rather than just complaining.

Because if the candidates bypass the press, rather than “figure out how to use the press,” the press wouldn’t have much to do.

Alternatively, the press is used to being used by the Left, what’s wrong with those Republicans?

Never mind that the legitimate role for what used to be the press is to be independent, objective observers and reporters and not to be “used” for political purposes at all.

Whose ox is being gored, really?

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