The Democrats’…Budget

The House Democrats are showing their disdain for the American people with this thing (you have to drill to see what they’re burying).

Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D, MD) published the House Democrats’ version of a budget, and it nearly doubles the Federal deficit over the next 10 years and increases the national debt by nearly a third over the same period to $25 trillion dollars. On purpose. Remember this as he gears up for his run for the Senate next year.

While buying into every penny of President Barack Obama’s call for $1.8 trillion in more taxes (because Democrats can’t get enough of your money), it raises spending even more (because they need your money to buy votes to keep their power).

This isn’t a serious budget effort; it’s just an in-your-face answer to the more conservative budgets already on the table in the House and Senate. As they’ve done the last several years over multiple administrations, these Democrats are determined to block Republican initiatives, not because of any real, principled differences with them, but solely because of their Republican provenance.

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