Another Bit on Taxes

This is a tax increase that President Barack Obama chose not to mention in his State of the Union address while he was demanding to increase taxes on the “rich” in order to give that money to his “middle” class. Perhaps he chose to omit mention because this is a tax increase on that same “middle” class. And perhaps because it contradicts the story he’s spinning on wanting to make junior college “free.”

Recall 529 Plans, which facilitate parents’ and other family members’ (even family friends’) saving for the future college expenses of those parents’ children. Recall further that withdrawals from those 529s, when made pursuant to college expenses, are (so far) tax free. Obama’s hot tax idea is to change that, instead taxing the earnings on 529 savings when the money is withdrawn for college expenses.

This just illustrates the utter incoherence in Progressives’ taxing policies. And it’s another demonstration of the foolishness of using the tax code for social engineering—or for any other tampering with our economy.

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