Sony’s Fold

Sony made a movie about two journalists scoring an interview with northern Korea’s Bébé Doc, Kim Jong-un, the CIA convincing the journalists to assassinate Kim, and the comedic aspects of such a thing.

This offended Baby Kim and his sycophants, and they threatened mayhem against Sony’s executives and those US movie theaters with the temerity to show the movie.

Rather than letting us Americans make up our own minds about whether to go see the movie, rather than letting movie theater managers determine for themselves whether to show the movie (some had), those threatened Sony executives collapsed like yesterday’s tissue and made the executive decision to not release the movie at all.

This decision can’t even be masqueraded as empathizing with our enemies.

This abject, craven surrender by Sony executives can only encourage terrorists: make threats, get their way. This abject, craven surrender by Sony executives has exposed American companies and American citizens to further terrorist extortion and mayhem.

Way to go, Sony. I’ve lost interest in any more of your movies.

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