This is what happens when you have a motor boat skipper for a Secretary of State. John Kerry, speaking through his spokeswoman, Marie Harf, had this to say about whether ISIS is at war with the United States:

(Unnamed) Reporter: I mean, even they are announcing, ISIL people in their message, whatever, the recorded message, other messages, that now we are in a war with America.
Kerry/Harf: This is not about ISIL versus the United States. They are killing anyone who gets in their way….
(Unnamed) Reporter: But they are announcing that it’s a war against America. Right or wrong, that’s what they are saying.
Kerry/Harf: Well, they can say whatever they’d like, but what I am making clear is that’s not what ISIL represents. And they don’t represent any religion. They are at war with everybody they come into contact with.

If our professional and chief diplomat can’t even understand when an enemy declares its war against us, how are we supposed to be able to fight back, much less crush that enemy?

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