Redlines and Deadlines

The currently about to expire “temporary” easing of sanctions on Iran over their nuclear weapons program is about to be extended. Recall that the sanctions were to be reapplied, were these negotiations unsuccessful by the next week. President Barack Obama “promised” this when this latest round of talks began last winter.

Alternatively, this Obama and his administration are so desperate for an agreement—any agreement—concerning the Iranian nuclear weapons program by the deadline that

[B]oth US Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif have signaled through their carefully worded statements that they are now moving toward agreement….

That agreement includes something along the lines of Zarif’s latest centrifuge proposal (centrifuges are necessary for purifying uranium to weapons grade) at 9,400 centrifuges. This is a far cry from the Obama administration’s original position that Iran must dismantle its nuclear weapons program altogether, which would necessarily include taking down all of its centrifuges.

It would appear that an Obama deadline means about as much as an Obama redline. And it’s about the same color.

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