Status of Obamacare Six Months In

The preliminary results are not promising. And unsurprising.

Among those health-law marketplace enrollees who have seen a doctor or other health-care provider in the first quarter of this year, around 27% have significant health issues such as diabetes, psychiatric conditions, asthma, heart problems or cancer, the data show. That is sharply higher than the rate of 16% for last year’s individual-consumer market over the same time frame, according to the data[.]

It is also more than double the rate among people who held on to their existing individual policies; among those enrollees, the rate was 12%.

This was well understood and predicted from the jump by those (not only on the right) who viewed the matter objectively rather than through the lens of must-pass because it’s the Progressive thing to do.

Look for sharply higher premiums this summer and fall.

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