Democrats Against Education

Those of the great state of Illinois have become brazenly overt in their assault.  They’ve introduced 10 or more bills that target charter schools, seeking to restrict them severely or to shut them down altogether.

One of these bills would, effectively, cancel a law that lets charter schools to operate unhindered by state or union rules.  Imagine that.  It must be bad local control that allows a school to function without…benefit…of union oversight or absent the wisdom of the State.

Another bill would ban online classes, supported by these evil charters, that offer high schoolers things like Advanced Placement classes.  Can’t have students able to learn on their own schedules, now can we?

Yet another bill seeks to ban advertising by charters and presumes to dictate to these entities in their capacity of businesses (highly successful ones, too, from the quality of their student performances) what they’ll be allowed to pay their senior employees.  Non-union schools mustn’t be allowed to attract either customers or quality leadership.

Still another bill seeks to prevent new charters from opening in the same, or neighboring, ZIP code of a public school that closed in the last 10 years.  So much for the children of the South Side.  Where’s Eric Holder and his disparate impact?  Go figure.

The list goes on.

Will Governor Pat Quinn sign these bills?  Well, he does want to get reelected in this Blue state.

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