US “Policy to Counter Putin Still Evolving”

President Barack Obama has threatened to consult with allies to see about beginning to think of what might be done vis-à-vis the Russian attack on Ukraine.  He even spent 90 minutes over the weekend on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin being chastised by Putin for his effrontery in demurring from that invasion.

Secretary of State John Kerry has decried Putin’s “unopposed entry” into Ukraine as a 19th century move in the 21st century—as though that means that Russia’s invasion hasn’t actually occurred.  On Tuesday, he was enroute to Kiev while, as the Fox News headline put it, our “policy to counter Putin still is evolving.”

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel hasn’t said anything at all.  That may be the wisest move of the three: remaining silent and being thought a fool, rather than speaking and removing all doubt.  Even if he is silent only because he doesn’t make policy.

How is it, after this administration’s five years in power, the last 14 months with the current crowd, that we’re only now getting around to start to begin developing some sort of policy to deal with Russian behavior?

Could it be because the grade school amateurism of a community organizer, a motor boat skipper, and a guy who won’t be making defense policy is unequal to the task of facing the world?

In the meantime, keep an eye on the Senkaku, Spratly and Paracel Islands.

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